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Jackie Scully

Educator - Author - Podcaster - Speaker

Jackie Scully, M.Ed is an accomplished History and Psychology Teacher, recognized for her dedication to education With almost 20 years of diverse teaching experience across various educational landscapes, Jackie brings a unique perspective to the heart of education. Her unwavering commitment centers on principles of dignity, freedom, joy, and community. With a mission to promote dignity in education for all, Jackie Scully is a driving force in the pursuit of a brighter future for learners and educators alike.

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Jackie Scully with her book The Guided Teacher

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A podcast about the teacher journey and ideas for education reform. Jackie Scully, an experienced educator, is flipping the script when it comes to education and focusing on the teacher's voice. These voices are often overlooked in society, and many decisions are made without teacher input. The education system is in need of major repair, and there needs to be a mind shift. That mind shift starts by listening to the ones that work directly with children. The pandemic highlighted so many social issues, and now the spotlight is on education. The teachers are ready to take center stage and share their voice. Now is the time!

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The Teacher Story testimonials...

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“I’m incredibly thankful I’ve connected with Jackie and her podcast. Each story has its unique journey, but all are encouraging and beautiful. Jackie’s guests are inspiring and I’m so excited to see how this podcast impacts the future of education.”

Jessica Madenford

Transition & Clarity Coach for Educators

“Teachers Unite! What Jackie is doing with the Teacher Story is long overdue. She’s bringing people from all areas of education to share how they got into the field and how things can improve or advance. While we may not all agree on what area of education is best, we can learn little pieces from each of these guests to take forward to improve our educational spaces. Bravo.

Matt Gilhooly

The Life Shift Podcast Host

This recommendation is long overdue! I have loved engaging in Jackie's content, and most recently her podcast The Teacher Story, was an incredible experience. She is sincere, genuine, full of love, and a light to this world. If you ever get a chance to interact or be a guest on her podcast, don't miss it! Jackie is the embodiment of inclusivity, compassion, and has a deep desire to change education in many ways. She has vision, determination, and passion for education, loving students, and providing stimulating environments. I can't say enough about my admiration of Jackie and highly recommend her in any situation, seeking meaningful conversation and personal and professional growth!

Cindi Cohn

More Joy Queen & Author of More Joy 

“I appreciate how each episode contains four sections. This framework builds familiarity for the listener and keeps the show focused. An additional point on the functionality is that the audio quality is clear, and you can tell that the author of the podcast puts in the time to edit the shows to make them precise and to the point. I listen to many podcasts, which means the time I spend listening really needs to offer interesting information that doesn’t waste my time. Moving from functionality to content, the stories really capture your attention. I can only guess that the guests feel pretty fantastic to be able to share their insights.We are at a point in the field of education where we need to acknowledge and validate our educators more than ever. We must find ways to give our teachers, administrators, and support staff voice and agency, especially after the pandemic. The Teacher Story podcast does this so well."

David Carpenter

Educators Going Global Podcast Co-Host

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The Guided Teacher

Unveiling Truth to Light the Path Ahead

Join Jackie Scully, M.Ed., on an inspiring journey through the heart of education reform and empowerment. With almost 20 years of diverse teaching experience across various educational landscapes, Jackie brings a unique perspective to the heart of education. In her captivating memoir, The Guided Teacher, she chronicles her evolution from a dedicated classroom teacher to a fearless advocate for change.

Testimonials from The Guided Teacher:

“Jackie Scully is the embodiment of hope and light. Her story, The Guided Teacher, provides proof that no matter what happens in life, the light within you can overpower the shadows surrounding you. Her thought-provoking and emotionally- moving journey will have you laughing and crying, and acts as a reminder that joy, happiness, and a state of empowerment are just a few moments away.”

Allison Teicher-Fahrbach, PhD

Teacher/Education Reformer/Author

“Jackie is a beacon of light and tells her story to carry the flame to the next generation. We can envision the best education system through her eyes. She elevates teacher voices to be the catalyst for change!"

Cindi Cohn

Author of More Joy

“Jackie Scully’s book, The Guided Teacher, is simply a masterpiece! In my 40 + years in the field of education, I don’t think I’ve ever met a more amazing educator. Jackie’s first book is her life narrative, and it will captivate, encourage and motivate you just as she has inspired me. And her best is yet to come!”

Calvin Lawrence

Teacher/Education Reformer/Author

"Everyone should read Jackie's book, not just teachers. Jackie shares from the heart. To read about her transformation of who she was until her spiritual awakening as she re-discovered who she is by the life lessons she has experienced and endured is profound. Jackie enlightens us on her journey by her growth as she is a beacon of light and hope for a shift in education in so many ways especially her connected consciousness curriculum that I would love to see transpire in the school systems.”

Michelle Cordy

Transformational Coach/Mental Health Advocate

Listen to The Intuitive Teacher podcast:

Join us on this mission of self-discovery, healing, and inspiration. Together, let's explore the transformative power of intuition and discover the keys to living a life that resonates with authenticity and purpose. Welcome to The Intuitive Teacher podcast, where the journey inward guides you back home to yourself.

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"Hey I just listened and I think it’s fantastic!  I’m not just saying that.  I think the pacing is great and that you two make a great duo with contrasting vocals etc.  The info you two are sharing is clear and concise enough that people can easily follow along.  I think you will strike a definite nerve with those that you need to connect with. I love it!"

Calvin Lawrence

Teacher/Education Reformer/Author

"Love it! Wow! Super powerful! It's much needed. I resonated with all you both shared. Happy to be a part of it and share about my spiritual journey and awakening."

Michelle Cordy

Transformational Coach

"I'm all in!!!! Love it❤️ You two ebb and flow in sync! GREAT JOB!"

Diane Woodford


"The Soul transcends different lifetimes carrying lessons and experiences from one existence to another"

Stella Yann

Authenticity Coach-Stellar Inc.

"I stand for dignity, freedom, joy, and community for myself and ALL others! I will continue to advocate for these values in the education system."

Jackie's mission is to shift the education system alongside stakeholders from all backgrounds to focus on nurturing the whole human. The factory style system no longer works and probably never really worked and now is the time to truly create a holistic education system.

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